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maximum comfort

Using the frequency converter which is located on the left foot, safe from dust, the rotational speed can be regulated smoothly in the range from 70 to 540 / 240 to 2100 and 620 to 4650 min-1.
Woodturning lathe steinert maximo 
frequency converter with adjustment for starting speed and breaks
Depending on the weight of the work piece you can choose between three acceleration and three breaking times.
Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, main switch     Woodturning lathe steinert maximo, mobile switch
Right-left-driving can be chosen with a button. On the bottom of the control panel with on/off-buttons and the speed potentiometer there are strong magnetic clamps so it can be flexibly fixed all over the machine.
All levers are affixed ergonomically well-conceived. 
Besides, the machine is equiped with a 24step indexing device.

Woodturning lathe steinert maximo